Survivor' star coming to Caz

Sometimes it's a jungle out there

'Survivor' star to give motivational talk to students and parents

By Willie Kiernan


Butch Lockley, final four survivor from the popular "Survivor" CBS television show and former school principal, believes that school can be positive, peaceful and productive. Schools can be a place where relationships are developed, goals are met, and teamwork is evident throughout the building.

"The climate of a school is very important," Lockley said. "If nobody wants to be there, students or teachers, there won't be too much learning."

Cazenovia Central Schools announced that Lockley will be the guest speaker for the Superintendent's Conference Day on Tuesday March 25. He will be presenting to school employees in the morning and will have a community presentation at 6:30 p.m. in the Burton Street Elementary School auditorium. The following day he will speak again to middle schoolers.

"This will be something the parents and kids will be able to discuss the next day at the dinner table," Lockley said.

Lockley was the first person from Illinois to be chosen for the show and at one time he lead the nation in the CBS "Survivor" popularity poll. His humorous and inspirational message has been a huge hit among students and adults.

"I worked hard. I didn't lie. I didn't cheat. I didn't whine. I didn't complain," he said. "I got that from my parents."

Lockley will share how he got on the show, reasons why he wanted to be on the show and his "Believe In Yourself" philosophy.

"I really do believe people make their own success," he said. "Everyone can do it. I'm just a common guy."

Langley will also be discussing goal setting, relationships, keeping a positive attitude, and he will share some of his experiences while he was in the Amazon Jungle. He will discuss how keeping a positive attitude and developing a positive climate helped him "survive" for 38 days and he will share how anyone can do the same thing.

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