Committee recommends Skan dispatch relocation

By Abbey Woodcock


The Dispatch Center strategic committee held its fifth meeting last week and agreed on three recommendations, which were presented to the town and village boards.

"We worked well together," committee member and Village Trustee Sue Jones said, "I am quite pleased with the recommendations we came up with."

The recommendations were:

1)The Dispatch Center be located in the new firehouse

2)The town and village boards split the cost of the move and equipment upgrades, a project estimated to cost between $75,000 and $125,000.

3)The current Dispatch Center contract, which runs out in two years, should be extended.

The town board passed a resolution that they supported the first two recommendations, but didn't feel it was necessary to extend the contract at this time.

This caused some concern at the village board meeting Monday night, as the village did not want to be stuck with paying for the center and having the town go to a 911 system at the end of two years.

Since leasing the new equipment rather than buying was a possibility, many board members were concerned that the contract should last at least as long as the lease to prevent problems if the contract were to expire leaving the village responsible for the lease.

"The village can't support a 'round the clock dispatch service on their own," said Trustee Alan Dolmatch.

"I have a real concern spending up to $62,750 of the tax-payer's money if the town can pull the plug in a year," Trustee Timothy Lynn said.

The other trustees as well as Mayor Robert Green agreed that the town and village boards needed to work out an agreement, but passed a resolution supporting the recommendations of the committee.

The committee hopes to officially announce the location of the dispatch center at the dedication of the new firehouse on Saturday.

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