Caz: Think globally, shop locally

Chamber wisdom

Think globally, shop locally

By Willie Kiernan


The Cazenovia Chamber of Commerce has announced a bold new initiative: Think globally, buy locally. It could be the foundation of a whole new wave of consciousness and a blueprint for survival in the future.

"Many of us take what the greater Cazenovia area has to offer for granted," said Chamber Manager Rich Borsellino.

Consider the three points that many real estate agents use to "sell" Cazenovia: The lake, the schools and the downtown shopping area.

"What we have here is what we need to protect and green thinking will protect it," said Dave Eldridge, chairman of the Historical Cazenovia Business District.

The idea is to shrink the carbon footprint left on the earth from generation to generation and to also keep the sales tax dollars within the county. By not using fuel to travel to far away stores or for other services, the environment benefits, the local economy benefits and the tax paying residents of the community benefit.

"The sales tax dollars that stay in Cazenovia are essential to the maintenance of our town and county tax," Eldridge said. "If the sales tax dollars are spent in other counties they never return."

According to Mayor Tom Dougherty, sales tax makes up 22 percent of the revenues of the village budget. Property taxes make up 46.5 of the revenues.

"If the sales tax revenues were to go down, then we would have to make up that number by increasing property tax or possibly reducing services some where else in the budget," Dougherty said. "Conversely when the sales tax revenues goes up, we can (potentially) reduce property tax."

For instance, instead of wasting gas to visit Raymour and Flanagan or Dunk and Bright, everyone in the county would benefit if that chair or sofa or wall decoration was purchased at Johnny Appleseed. Instead of traveling to Armory Square or even Erie Boulevard the community as a whole would be better off if that gift was purchased at Lavender Blue or Lillie Bean or Amanda's or Mulligan's.

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