The Trojan Women

Appleseed Productions is proud to present their 4th show of the 2007-2008 season, "The Trojan Women" directed by Dan Stevens. Written more than 2400 years ago by the great Greek Tragedian Euripides, this drama has stood the test of time. The horrors of war, the human consequence, and the failures of mankind are as true today as when Euripides first premiered this play in 415 B.C.E. The playwright intended for this play to be a statement about the Greek government's conduct during the Peloponnesian War and has come to symbolize the tragedy and travesty of all wars.

The Trojan Women tells the story of Hecuba (Nora O'Dea) and the other women of Troy, their kingdom conquered by Greece after 10 years of war. All the Trojan men have been killed and the women are now slaves or concubines to the Greek officers. Hecuba, once Queen of all Troy, finds that she has still has more to lose: her daughters, her hopes, and even the land itself.

Hecuba struggles to save what is left of her country and dignity from the victorious Greek Army, represented by their herald Talthybius (Tony Bersani). Already grieving the death of one daughter, Hecuba must now face the fact she is losing Cassandra (Heather J. Roach) not only to slavery, but into the madness she now raves in. Worse news is in store for her daughter in-law Andromache (Dawn E. Sadowski), widow of the great Trojan Hero hector. Her son Astynax's (Logan MacNicol) fate is in the hands of their Greek conquerors, which are not known for their mercy.

Finally Hecuba faces Helen (Wendy Sikorski), the face who launched a thousand ships, and the cause of the 10 year ordeal her country has been put to. With Helen's estranged husband Menelaus (Dustin M. Czarny) sitting in judgment, Hecuba and Helen engage in a trial to determine the real cause of the war, and the fate of Helen as well. All this happens while the Gods Poseidon (Jaime Bruno) and Athena (Rosemary Palladino-Leone) sit in judgment of their pawns, the humans they are supposed to protect.

Rachelle Clavin (Laodice), Judy Kishtok (Creusa) and Matt Nilsen (Ajax) round out this excellent cast. "The Trojan Women" will opened on Friday Feb. 29 and will run weekends through March 15. Show times are Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. Ticket prices are $25 for adults and $12 for seniors and students. To make reservations or for more information, call Appleseed at 492-9766 or visit appleseedproductions.org.

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