B'ville: Snow Ball coat swap

Seems there was a mix up at the Big Chill Snow Ball held in January.

The formal event was held at the Mohegan Manor in the village. Upon arrival, attendees handed their coats to an employee, who then hung the garments on racks on the third floor.

"When you left you just went and got your coat," said ball attendee Carolyn Mack. "I had a long winter white wool coat that came up missing. In its place was a long winter white coat, just a couple of sizes too big."

Mack left her contact information with Mohegan Manor owner Dennis Sick, but has yet to hear any news about her coat.

"I told Dennis Sick that someone took my coat, probably by accident and didn't realize it," Mack said. "I just wanted to get the word out for people to check their coat. Maybe they haven't realized they took the wrong one."

If you have information about the missing coat, or other "swapped" items, please contact the Messenger office at 635-3922 or e-mail esmith@cnylink.com.

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