Caz: Plan going smoothly

Plan going smoothly

By Willie Kiernan


The Cazenovia Village Board of Trustees met last Monday evening in an ongoing workshop to finalize the comprehensive plan.

"It's been going smoothly," said Trustee Russ Brownback. "We've been meeting back and forth, then doing a little dance with EDR."

Environmental Design and Research has been coordinating the planning process with the village and the town. They have the expertise to bring the tools in order make decisions on and establish new zoning laws.

"What's in the cards now is a joint plan, some relevant to both, some relevant to a particular," Brownback said. "Last night it was just the village."

The town currently has no property zoned for commercial use. Properties on the edge of the border, basically on Route 20, have requested annexation into the village.

"Five of us met and reviewed the 'action items' portion of the document specific to the village and made a list of recommended changes or modifications to present to EDR," said Trustee Tom Tait. "I can't speak for the town, but the village trustees seem to be very much in synch with our thoughts on the plan and its eventual implementation."

Brownback said the final draft of the plan will be viewable for public consumption in about three weeks.

"The village special committee met last night; the town committee is meeting tomorrow night; comments are being processed," said Town Councilor Kristi Andersen. "I believe that a meeting to obtain comments from the public is tentatively scheduled for March 18."

"It's coming along very, very well," Brownback said. "It's a diligent, hard-working group. At the end of the day we'll end up with a very good comprehensive plan."

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