B'ville: Choose natural for your feline

Earl Gray and Smokey Jane are an inspiration to Bethann Kistner.

The Baldwinsville woman adopted the kittens about a year and a half ago. Soon after, Kistner said there was a huge problem with cat food being tainted and animals dying. To avoid any tainted foods, she decided to search online for organic food with little luck.

"For me that would have been devastating to lose either of my cats," she said. "So, I searched the web and could find very few dedicated cat sites and none that focused on natural foods."

Knowing there was a demand for a natural alternative to the processed tainted food, Kistner decided to put her marketing experience to work and created a web site that offered natural feline products for all pet owners who want the best for their cats. After all, being a pet owner herself, Kistner knows the dedication people have for their beloved animals.

After contacting distributors and working with a webmaster and graphic designer for about four months, Kistner's site, greycathouse.com, went live on May 12. It features eight different lines of cat food from major manufacturers, most with five or six wet and dry food varieties. The web site logo is a tribute to Earl Gray, a fluffy fat cat (Maine Coon) and Smokey Jane, an American short hair. The two felines are prominently displayed throughout the web site.

"It's a lot of fun to create something that is truly your own vision," Kistner said about her venture.

Keeping your cat healthy

Kistner believes it is very important to feed your cat healthy, natural food.

"The most frequent reason cats are brought to the vet is for urinary tract issues," Bethann said. "Good natural foods have ingredients to help keep their urinary tracts healthy, out of the vets office and so much more."

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