With gas prices climbing to well over $4 a gallon, today Congressional Candidate Dale Sweetland (R - Fabius) was at ACLS in Liverpool, where he said it is time for Congress to deliver comprehensive energy policy.

As a former farmer and resident of a rural town, I know all too well the impact of these high gas prices on small businesses and people who must travel just to get to work, Sweetland said. Congress has failed the people of this country by not opening up our own resources for drilling to get us out from under the thumb of countries that seek to harm us.

Sweetland, a family farmer for 25 years, former Town Supervisor, County Legislator, and Chairman of the Onondaga County Legislature, identified with the circumstances that small businesses face with skyrocketing gas prices. He announced in May his support of an energy policy that would include tapping domestic energy as a means of immediate relief.

With gas prices increasing 72 percent since January of 2007, Sweetland seeks to implement a comprehensive energy plan that includes expansion of American made energy sources.

*Washington is broken and this is yet another example of how the politicians there have let the American people down. Much like a chair needs four legs to be stable, our nations energy crisis cannot be solved, short or long-term, by a single solution. My opponent believes that

alternative energy technology is the only solution, and that we should be fully reliant on alternative energy by 2020. This kind of obtuse logic is what got us into our current energy crisis.

Sweetland added Like the chair that needs four legs, we need a balanced approach to energy that includes renewable energy, conservation, domestic drilling, and lower taxes.

Here in Upstate New York, we can't wait 10 years for relief. Small business is suffering now and the current energy situation is threatening jobs. Congress needs to take immediate action to lower gas prices.

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