New gallery opens for summer in Syracuse

Why open a gallery for the summer in Syracuse, NY?

"Why not?" answered Roslyn Esperon and Courtney Rile. The two met working together over two years ago at Delavan Art Gallery, which is temporarily closed until September. In

the meantime, their new gallery is temporarily open.

Contemporary Gallery has been born with the exhibition, Whimsy: Celebrating the Power of 'Why Not?'" The temporary contemporary art gallery opens June 11 at 230 Harrison Street in Downtown Syracuse, thanks to the support of J.F. Real Estate. The opening reception is

on Friday the 13th in conjunction with the opening of the Everson Biennial down the street. Designed as an afterparty for the Biennial, the reception will run on June 13th from 7 -- 10 PM. The exhibition will continue through Friday, July 18 with plenty of

special events to be announced on the gallery's website:


The art featured in "Whimsy: Celebrating the Power of 'Why Not?'" includes art books, drawings, fabric art, film, illustration, installation art, intaglio prints, works in

mixed media, paintings, photo etchings, photography, sculpture, and video art. The majority of artists represented come from the New York State area. The theme "whimsy" is inspired by its definition: 1. The quality of being quaint, odd, or playfully humorous,

especially in an endearing way; 2. An idea that has no immediately obvious reason to exist. Since the gallery itself was created on a whim as a labor of love, it seemed appropriate for the theme of the exhibition to exemplify these characteristics. A series of film screenings will share the same theme with films curated by John Craddock, Assistant Director of the Syracuse International Film Festival.

Contemporary Gallery Co-Founders Roslyn Esperon and Courtney Rile met in February of 2006. Esperon was interning at Delavan Art Gallery when Rile was invited back to Syracuse from traveling by Bill Delavan to be the Gallery Coordinator. Over two years later, the two have continued to work together at the Gallery in various capacities and have also become friends. They both thank Bill Delavan for his guidance and support.

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