Board passes new benefit plan

Trustee Marc Baum said that while he and Trustee Mark-Paul Serafin were looking through old meeting minutes, this issue was discussed as far back as 1979, so clearly it is an ongoing problem.

Mayor Penhall added that many policies are around today, such as the MS4 or the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, would prevent many of things that have happened from taking place.

Economic Development Plan

Trustee Natalie Minor discussed the Economic Development Plan that was approved by the Vision Manlius Steering Committee and will soon be presented to the board.

Minor said the plan was filled with data that resulted in recommendations and goals for the village, along with discussing how smaller businesses with better service will allow the village to be both effectively competitive and a destination location. One random fact Minor said pertained to the village being below average in shoe buying.

A copy of the plan is available online by going to the village's website villagemanlius.org. A public information meeting about the plan has been set up for 7 p.m. Tuesday Sept. 9.

Village revitalization

Nat Tobin, owner of Manlius Art Cinema, came to the meeting to pledge support for the village business district revitalization because he said the health of it right now is not good. Tobin said he believes that having an infrastructure would create excitement, and Minor asked Tobin for his help on economic development and to be a member of the parking committee, which he accepted.

Tobin also mentioned that the weekend matinee times were altered to accommodate bus schedules.

The board will next meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday Aug. 12, at the Manlius Village Centre.

Jennifer Kiefl is a contributing writer for the Eagle Newspapers.

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