Still missing Deonna

More than 365 days.

Over five million minutes.

In excess of 31 million seconds.

That's how long it's been since Luba Shipman of Liverpool has seen her daughter.

Four-year-old Deonna was taken by her father, Jeffrey Shipman of North Syracuse, for his court-ordered visitation July 11, 2007. Neither has been seen since.

That's when Luba Shipman became what experts call "the left-behind parent."

Luba and her ex-husband, Jeffrey, shared joint custody of the little girl since their divorce three years ago. While Luba had physical custody, Jeffrey was allowed visitation. Both parents filed petitions seeking to modify the order in June of 2007 in Onondaga County Family Court.

At the family's last court appearance, Jeffrey told Luba, "If I can't have her, no one will."

"I took it lightly," she said shortly after her daughter's disapperance. "I thought he was just angry."

Deonna went to her father's for her scheduled court-ordered visitation on Wednesday July 11. She was supposed to return by 5 p.m. Thursday July 12.

Instead, both Deonna and her father vanished.

Jeffrey Shipman's car was found in the parking lot of the Rochester airport on July 19. Investigators have confirmed that he has taken Deonna and left the country.

"They've tracked him to London," Luba Shipman said. "According to their passport activity [Jeffrey Shipman had insisted on taking his daughter's passport, as Luba is originally from the Ukraine and he told the judge he feared she would leave the country with Deonna], their last exit was Heathrow Airport."

Shipman said the FBI told her Jeffrey Shipman had bought two sets of tickets -- one round-trip to Frankfurt, Germany and one to London. The tickets to Frankfurt were not used; investigators suspect Jeffrey Shipman bought them to throw them off his trail.

"But they have confirmed that he is definitely in England," Luba Shipman said.

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