F'ville board protests 'nuisance' calls

Should solicitors be allowed to knock on residents' doors after dusk? That was the main question at the July 21 Fayetteville Village Board meeting, initiated due to recent considerations related to the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG).

According to Fayetteville village trustees, NYPIRG has taken issue with a measure passed by the board that prohibits the group from knocking on residents' doors during early evening hours. The organization plans to ask the board to loosen the policy that it says was given little consideration.

The local government has the legal right to stop solicitors from knocking on doors during sundown, town officials say. Trustee David Kinsella said he believed the board has the right to enforce solicitation codes, and that solicitations after dusk were a nuisance to the community.

Requests for solicitor's permits were also submitted by two residents, one of which is a woman planning to sell Avon products, and the other an aspiring politician from Fayetteville who hopes to run for the New York State Senate. The requests were tabled so the board could review the codes.

In other action:

The board passed a measure to install a drainage system in the Briar Brook neighborhood, where a drainage ditch runs through a number of private properties. After hearing a number of complaints from homeowners who want to be able to utilize the whole of their lawns, the board decided to release funds to have a drainage pipe installed so the ditch could be filled in.

Funds were allocated to compensate a Fayetteville firefighter who was injured on the job. Reports given to the board say that the firefighter suffered a broken thumb when he was accidentally kicked by one of his supervisors during a training session. The benefits will compensate for medical care and missed work.

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