Salina: Cats, codes cause controversy

Annette Bailey of James Street, who identified herself as an animal rights activist, said she was appalled by the way the law is being enforced.

"We can do far better for our strays," Bailey said. "People are not spaying or neutering their pets."

Bailey suggested the neighborhoods who are complaining "throw some money at the problem and help pay for spaying and neutering."

"Hauling off animals to the SPCA and taking people's pets is not a solution," she said.

Third Ward Councilor Chris Benz said he was surprised at Fedele's complaint.

"I am a neighbor of Frank's, and I am surprised someone complained about the cat situation," Benz said. "The problem with the feral cats seems to have resolved since the neighbors banded together to take care of them."

He suggested the board schedule a work session to look at the law and its enforcement.

Codes officers under fire

Two residents approached the board to complain that they were mistreated by the town's code officers.

Peggy Gasley spoke regarding one of the code enforcers who she stated had been very rude to her.

"I called to get clarification about putting boulders on the edge of my property next to the road to keep garbage trucks from knocking down the snow stakes the town has put in my yard," Gasley said. She is required by code to maintain the yard, which is made increasingly difficult when the stakes are knocked down.

Town Supervisor Mark Nicotra said he will talk with the code enforcer about his rudeness.

John Davies of Nancy Drive in North Syracuse, who ran unsuccessfully for the town board last fall, also spoke of the rudeness of one of the code enforcers, who he said had been rude to his wife. Both residents questioned whether town employees were supposed to be helpful and courteous. Nicotra agreed that they were.

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