Spafford residents speak against turbines

Some residents said the Feskos had been planning to build the turbines for many years and were not planning on letting the public know about their plans.

"My mother is not running a conspiracy," Chris Fesko's daughter, Kim said in defense of the remarks. She continued that the Fesko Farm has always been concerned with the wellfare of the community and has never operated in secret. Kim said that if and when a turbine is constructed on the Fesko property, there will be a public information session and a tour to a windmill.

Ted Lavery, a neighbor to the Feskos, defended the family, saying, "It has been a privilege to live near the Feskos. Nobody works harder than them." He went on to say that some wind power should be allowed, but it "would be helpful to the town government if there were some regulations."

"I wouldn't want to be on your site committee," he said, citing that there were no regulations in regard to height, power or density in the proposed laws to guide anyone reviewing the applications.

Skaneateles Town Supervisor Phil Tierney agreed that the regulations were not clear cut and was worried about the negative impact on Skaneateles. He was also surprised that the Town of Skaneateles had not been alerted of the public hearing personally by the Spafford board. "Normally, we receive personal notice from adjacent towns when they are considering legislation the impact of which extends beyond their borders," it said in a letter he presented a letter to Stevens and the board. The letter also shared some of the concerns of the Town of Skaneateles (see sidebar).

Rosanne Gay, a 36-year Spafford resident, came prepared with medical research on "wind turbine syndrome," which she described as similar to insomnia, with symptoms including anxiety, anger, and fatigue.

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