Oh Mom

Give me lady liberty or give me independence or whatever

I accompanied my mom to New York City to make sure everything went well until her departure for home. Her flight was scheduled for midnight of the fourth of July, so we had a whole day to wander around the Big Apple.

Instead of walking along Fifth Avenue, we decided to check out The Statue of Liberty. For the first time ever in my life, I found traveling so unpredictable, but interesting, as we not only missed the Lady of Liberty, but also accidentally stepped on New Jersey soil. The ship took us all the way to Atlantic Highlands, where we found out that nothing was going on as we enjoyed four pieces of New Jersey chicken tenders.

We laughed so hard on our way back on the ship, looking at each other and thinking about this amazing trip to NJ. She ironically joked that she could proudly tell my dad when she got home that her wonderful tour guide (me) took her to New Jersey for a journey as well. She worried so much about me possibly not knowing the destination, but also admitted that drifting to NJ by chance was really rare and thus was the highlight of the trip.

In JFK that night, we hugged goodbye before I left for my friend Nicole's house on Long Island for the holiday weekend. Looking down from the escalator, the figure of my mom became smaller and smaller. While it is the time for me to celebrate my independence again (on the fourth of July no less!), I didn't feel as excited as I might of hoped, instead I somehow felt lonely for my mom.

Kuan Luo is a 19 year old resident of Shanghai, China studying rhetoric and writing at Syracuse University. This is her first summer in Syracuse.

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