Oh Mom

On June 27, I was on my way to Syracuse Hancock Airport, when my cell rang. "The plane just landed," the familiar voice said.

"I am almost there," I answered.

"Good! Perfect timing! I am just about to get the luggage."

"Nice. See you soon Mom," I said.

My mom had arrived from New York City and would spend a week with me in Syracuse. Technically, she flew all the way from Shanghai, China to take care of some business affairs in New York City, and then she demanded a week off work in order to visit me.

After I declared my independence on June 27, 2007--exactly a year from this day, when I arrived in Syracuse for my college education, I had lived the life I wanted. Right now, knowing that my mom was just five minutes away made me nervous. I was nervous about the return of her "because I'm the mother" rules.

As expected, she commanded to see my room, which I rented for the summer, after I settled her down in the Sheraton Hotel. Even more expected, she totally re-arranged my "messy" room and questioned why I needed this and that after her thorough investigation of my innocent poor little room. She criticized the sanitation of the house I lived in, and was shocked by the ineffectiveness of the laundry machine downstairs once she discovered a few spots on my shirts.

Without further discussion with the occupant, which was me, about what to do with the room, she took out the stuff that I had piled in the closet, and put them in the order that she deemed necessary. Moreover, she pulled out my sheets and comforter and took them back to the hotel in order to "clean" them.

Since I don't have a car, and my mom forgot to bring her license, we basically had to rely on our legs and public transportation to get around Syracuse. I showed her our campus, told her the stories that I encountered in the academic buildings and took her to the Carousel Mall, Jazz Fest at OCC and we went to see "Menopause the Musical"at Syracuse Stage. However, despite all these cultural events I took her to, she told me later that the place she liked the most in Syracuse was the rose garden where she went for walks every morning on her own. Oh dear mom We ate in nearly every restaurant on Marshall Street, and I took her to L'Adour for fine French dinner as well, but she still concluded that Chinese food was preferable to her stomach. Oh dear mom

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