Lenox: Wise Road clean-up exceeds $70,000

The bills continue to add up for the clean up of property at 7751 Wise Road after a decision was made to pay Darryl Jayson of Precision Block and Concrete an additional $6,900.

Jayson, the contractor hired by the town said the money was owed to him because of the numerous hours of downtime his company suffered while trying to clean up the property owned by Dale and Christian Wells. He said he paid sub-contractors in addition to what it cost him to have his equipment down. Jayson spent around six weeks cleaning up the property.

Jayson said the sheriff's department was called to the scene several times because the homeowner would prevent him from getting the job done. He said he had to stop work for five hours once to clean up nails that were put in the parking lot because he didn't want flat tires on his equipment.

"Do you think it was done maliciously?" asked Councilman Anthony Palamara.

"Absolutely," Jayson said.

Supervisor Rocco DiVeronica told Jayson that in the future all of the down time must be documented.

"I'm not charging the town for my time or my father's time," Jayson said. "I'm seeking out-of-pocket expenses."

When the Wells' failed to comply to the town's order to clean up the property two years ago, the town highway department went in and began cleaning up until the Well's filed a claim that the town removed personal and real property and caused damage. They also claimed the town violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, inflicted emotional stress and harassed them.

The bill on the clean-up after that was around $30,000.

The board decided to hire contractors for its property maintenance clean up. In September of last year, Jayson was awarded the contract in the amount of $25,000 for the clean up of the property on Wells Road. He also was hired by the town to clean up three other properties.

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