Caz meeting draws a crowd

"The status quo was undesirable on many fronts," said Trustee Kurt Wheeler.

Some of the problems were enforcement of the law and exclusion of boaters just outside the school district who had used the launch for years. The launches on the north and south of the lake were in disrepair and lacked adequate control either by the Sheriff, State troopers or the town.

"We are extremely pleased that the town closed the launches on the north and south," Wheeler said.

The new proposed village resolution calls for a $40 permit fee available to residents outside the school district. The permit application comes with a list of lake rules that the applicant must agree to and sign off on. The budget for enforcement is less than $10,000, funded by village taxes. There will be 41 key calendar days when a village employee will oversee the launchings at Lakeside Park. The village police force will be accountable the rest of the time.

"This will give us better control in a situation where we have little control at the present time," said Trustee Russ Brownback.

Lakeland Park will still have 18 parking spots, only 9 of which will be available for non-village residents. Village residents must again apply for the permit with the $40 fee being waived.

"With all due respect, the Cazenovia Lake Association believes lake access and enforcement is not our priority at this time," said Preston Gilbert, president of the CLA. "A higher priority is the negative impact on the ecology and the long-term environmental health of the lake."

Many people at the meeting raised concerns about the condition of the lake and how it has been altered so dramatically in just a short period of time.

"I can't believe the changes in the last seven or eight years," said Rod McLean. "The lake is under frightening stress and in real danger. For the first time, we're talking about realistic control but it doesn't go far enough. We need proper control and 41 days is not enough."

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