B'ville: RMS on the move

Mark Dengler is a true entrepreneur.

In a declining economy, he believes it is an opportune time to expand his market research company, Research and Marketing Strategies Inc. Employees started the New Year fresh by moving into a larger space in the Baldwinsville Village Commons, across from the B'ville Diner.

In a weakened economy, the RMS expansion will actually help other enhance their opportunities for future growth.

"When money gets tight, companies can't afford to make wrong decisions," Dengler said. "RMS supplies the information and feedback they need to make the right choice."

The firm is a full service marketing and market research company that offers a wide range of custom-tailored marketing and research services including surveys, focus groups, feasibility studies and competitive assessments. The services are designed to provide critical customer and marketplace intelligence such as consumer satisfaction, marketplace trends and where the client is positioned relative to its competition.

Dengler also plans to launch a new focus group facility at their new location in early March.

The new facility will be used to conduct on-site qualitative research. It would include a discussion room with a one-way mirror, audio and video taping capabilities and real time viewing space. Focus group research is very popular in evaluating new products, advertising concepts and client brand equity and can be utilized by any industry.

Dengler recently recounted a situation where a client was ready to launch a $1 million ad campaign that sought to use their staff in ads in humorous ways. Before launching the campaign, the client tested the campaign through focus group research. The subjects in the focus group said the ads didn't come off as funny, but rather hokey and made people question the quality perception of the client.

"The focus group saved the client from launching a bad ad campaign," Dengler said. "Focus groups are especially good in the design and development of a new service or product because they let a company know if they are on the right track."

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