Manlius: LaVallee's karate gives back to community

Other courses for kids

The Bully Defense and Predator Awareness seminars are geared for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.

"There's three typical ways a child is gonna be bullied," Groesbeck said. "It's generally either physical, mental or emotional or sometimes bullying by exclusion."

The bully defense seminar implements various strategies that help generate confidence among the kids. Some of those strategies involve teaching a blend of martial arts.

"If I can get a child moving around and now I talk to them about something, they're going to be more apt to listen then if they're just sitting on the ground and being lectured."

Groesbeck is also certified through the National Security Alliance to teach its curriculum on predator awareness. Drills like "Going Bananas" teach children how to get away from a predator.

"There's 26 different scenarios that they say "Here's the lures that predators will use" and a lot of it is education from people who have been convicted," he said. "It really gives [the children] a real life education."

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