Area fire departments' efforts revealed

Looking back, he says, he now knows why the offer was made.

"(During the drive to the hospital), I wasn't thinking about anything or anyone," he said. "I must have run every red-light between my house and the hospital."

As he told the story, the frustration of the moments could be seen on his face. Once arriving at the hospital, he couldn't find a parking space, and then left his truck running before realizing he didn't have his keys.

The waiting game

Once inside the hospital doors, Matthew checked in to the emergency room and was told to wait until the receptionist could find out what was going on with Tracy. Soon after, a doctor came looking for him and once they realized it was Tracy's husband, they rushed him back to the ER where he saw Tracy from a distance, surrounded by doctors and nurses. It was then that the severity of the situation sank in for Matthew. Next, they put him a waiting room where he waiting alone and filled out paperwork.

His mother, a nurse at Crouse, arrived shortly after. Around this time, the doctors came and talked to Matthew not about Tracy's condition, but about the fact that his unborn daughter was in distress and needed to come out. He had to fill out a release for the doctors to perform the surgery.

"I told them no," he said. "It wasn't her due date yet, not even close."

After speaking with his mother, he signed the form and Tracy went into surgery.

Matthew remembers reading National Geographic magazine.

"It was an article about sea turtles," he said. "That's what I remember about that, I was reading about sea turtles."

He saw the incubator and oxygen go by and soon after the doctor came out looking for the father.

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