Madison County leadership shifts

After electing Supervisor John M. Becker (R,C,I -- Sullivan) chairman of the Madison County Board of Supervisors last week (see companion story), Becker began his term by presiding over the board's annual reorganization meeting.

Becker immediately appointed Richard O. Bargabos (R -- Smithfield) as deputy chairman.

"It's an honor and a privilege to be appointed," Bargabos said. "I am looking forward to working with everyone on the board of supervisors."

Bargabos said his immediate goal is to work diligently in providing all board members with accurate, timely information and keeping channels of communication open. He said he will do whatever he can to facilitate discussion and expedite the flow of information so everyone is up to speed on whatever is going on at the county.

Asked what it meant to be from such a small town with so few votes in the weighted voting system, Bargabos said he hadn't considered it.

"I rarely think about it," Bargabos said. "It might be important to some, but our form of government allows me to have a voice, which puts me on par with larger townships. To others, it might mean something to have someone from a smaller town take the second seat in county government. It certainly helps dispel some perceptions that the weighted voting system is unfair."

Bargabos is only the third supervisor to hold the position since its creation in 2001 when Lenox Supervisor and then-Chairman Rocco J. DiVeronica was at the helm. When Becker was elected in 2005, DiVeronica replaced then-Sullivan Supervisor John E. Gladney with Hamilton Supervisor Walt Jaquay.

In other business

Bargabos moved to table a resolution appointing John Campanie as county attorney for the year, and heads began to turn. Bargabos' motion was quickly seconded by Supervisor Richard Williams (D -- Nelson), and when other supervisors asked for a reason for Bargabos' action, Becker ended discussion by saying there is no discussion on a tabled agenda item.

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