No love lost in North Syracuse

By Brett Findlay

At 10 a.m. on Tuesday Jan. 8 a staple of the North Syracuse community remained intact. Workers from Syracuse Signage Inc. refurbished the Sweetheart Corner sign over the course of the past two weeks in order to have it ready for today. Originally the company planned on having the sign up last week, but seeing a break in the weather in the forecast which prompted them to hold off on the completion of the remodeled sign.

Richard Hubeny, owner of Syracuse Signage Inc. said that all of his men had spent time working on the sign throughout the course of it's refurbishing.

"This is a landmark, an institution of the North Syracuse area," Hubeny said. "We had to strip the old neon lights and wiring, we cleaned up the outside, re-painted and re-lettered the sign. For a single sign it's one of the bigger privately owned ones that we've done."

Hubeny noted that they got a little bit nervous when the wind picked up in the morning but they decided to go ahead with the plan. The new sign features LED lights instead of traditional neon ones. The lights are supposed to be able to stand up to trucks and such driving by that were a problem with the previous sign. Vibrations would be so strong that the neon lights would break on a consistent basis.

Sweetheart Corner came into existence in 1952 with the Spinelli family being the first to stake claim to "Sweetheart Corner." In 1978 the Gelsomins opened the last Sweetheart Corner store, closing in 2003. To this day, George Gelsomin owns the property and leases it out to the Rite-Aid and Starbucks that are now adorning the corner.

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