ES-M students 'shoot for loot'

Professional athletes aren't the only ones who make money playing on the basketball court. At Friday night's boys basketball game between East Syracuse-Minoa and Jamesville-DeWitt high schools, two ES-M students got to "bank" their luck at half-time. The financial management promotion tied in with their school's student-run credit union -- the only one in New York State -- and is sponsored by the ESM-NS Federal Credit Union.

Senior Cory Sherwood and junior Rebecca Moulton were selected in a random drawing from a pool of about 150 qualified students.

"All students at the school are eligible to use the student credit union," said Jessica Burch, marketing coordinator at ESM-NS. "But the number of students who qualified under this particular student-run promotion was approximately 150."

All kids had to do was open a Spartan Branch account or make a deposit into their existing account to be eligible to particpate. The time frame to qualify for this particular campaign -- coordinated by DECA, the school's association of marketing management students -- was based on activity from November through year-end.

How to play?

Sherwood and Moulton were given 30 seconds to make progressively harder shots for higher prize amounts. A lay-up would win $25, a foul shot $50, and a 3-pointer $100. Then, each student was blindfolded and given three chances to make a "shot in the dark" from the foul line. If they made the basket, they doubled their winnings, which could have been as high as $200.

The "shot in the dark" concept tied in with DECA's in-school advertising about staying on top of finances, or, in other words, "don't be in the dark about your finances," said Bill Sweeney, CEO of ESM-NS.

By event's end, Sherwood won $100 and Moulton won $50. While neither scored a shot in the dark, Sherwood had a couple near misses with a close-by cameraman, sparking laughter from the crowd.

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