DeWitt Town Board holds annual organizational meeting

Ed Michalenko is DeWitt's new town supervisor. He was sworn in Jan. 7, along with the uncontested Town Justice David Gideon, Highway Superintendent Brian Maxwell and Town Clerk Barbara Klim, as well as the newly elected town councilors Vicki Baker and Kerry Mannion. Incumbent Ken Andrews was re-elected and sworn in at an earlier date.

"It's an honor and a pleasure to be here tonight," said Judge Jack Schultz, who presided over the installations. "I don't think I've ever seen such a large audience having a swearing in."

The crowd consisted of more than 50 people. Loud cheers and extended applause filled the courtroom after Michalenko's formal inauguration to office.

Judge David Gideon asked his boss, James C. Tormey, the administrative judge for the Fifth Judicial District that consists of six counties, to swear him in.

"David just recently took a job with us," Tormey said. "He's taken on the responsibility of preserving the system that we've grown to love -- the town and village courts around our whole state. And along with Jack, the other champion from your fair town, they've made a huge impact on the state as far as going forward in preserving the system that works so well for us."

The entire installation process took less than a half-hour, and light refreshments were provided for those in attendance.

Organizational meeting

Town Supervisor Ed Michalenko took the lead in the annual organizational meeting held immediately following the installation ceremony.

"There's been a give and take, back and forth, on all sides of the aisle here, in the creation of this particular organizational meeting," he said. "There are several positions of which there has not been a resolution to date. Rather than bring those to vote, they've been excluded from this particular organizational meeting."

The items in question will be addressed at a later time.

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