Freedom of Espresso going strong

Roasting beans is at the center of this successful Syracuse based operation

"Flavor first" should be Freedom of Espresso tag line. Anna and John Dobbs roast and brew a quality product.

Rich, dark, delicious, fresh roasted beans are at the heart of their four operations located on the North side's Pearl Street, in Armory Square on the corner of Franklin and Walton Streets, in Franklin Square and in Fayetteville too. They also roast beans for many fine CNY restaurants and other coffeehouses too. The two learned their trade in Anchorage, Alaska, a city that hosts more coffee roasters per capita than Seattle. John said the secret to their success is their training from a coffee breathing master at Anchorage's Kaladi Brothers and their Sivitz roaster. This particular roaster is the most important innovation to come to coffee in 80 years.

"We can control the temperature to the degree and the time to the second," John said.

These two factors are of the utmost importance to the flavor profiles and consistency of the final products.

The most popular bean? Columbian, which is used in Freedom's house and espresso blends.

The best vessel from which to drink one's coffee? A ceramic cup.

"Anyone who serves coffee in a Styrofoam cup should be shot," John said.

It's just wrong he continued visibly disgusted by the concept.

It's more than coffee

Okay, it's not all about coffee. There is tea and almost every kind of beverage known to western man, as well as sweeties and breakfast rolls. Al Julian who recently ran against Michael Heagerty for the first district common council seat, is a customer. Julian was raised in the neighborhood.

"It's nice to see people making an investment on the north side and also citywide," said Julian, who purchases specialty teas at the Pearl Street shop.

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