Come home to Syracuse

Volunteers help others get back to where they started

It is a story that is known all too well in Syracuse teenagers graduate high school, go to college and take their talents and education somewhere else.

This is exactly why the group Come Home to Syracuse puts on job fairs and other events, like the one held recently Dorsey's Pub and Grill.

Organizers like Bob McLean, who put the job fair on, want people to come home to Syracuse for good.

"We've got 31 companies here from the local area that have got several hundred jobs for young people that can come back home and simplify their life a bit and Come Home to Syracuse," McLean said.

Groups such as the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce organized the event. They scheduled it during the holidays, knowing natives are back visiting family.

Time will tell if the Come Home to Syracuse campaign is working, but at least people who attended the event can go back to their current homes, knowing what's going on in their old one.

Want to come home?

Log into comehometosyracuse.com, sign up and create a profile, this will allow you to request that your profile be matched and forwarded through the Come Home to Syracuse network of volunteers.

Then your profile will be sent to as many volunteers as possible. Within a week or so, you are likely to hear directly from one or more that think they might be able to help.

Come Home to Syracuse is administered by the Metropolitan Development Association, 109 South Warren St. Ste 1900 State Tower Building Syracuse, NY 13202. For more information, call 422-8284

Want to volunteer?

If you are interested in helping others Come Home to Syracuse, log onto the web site and fill out the volunteer application and you will be on your way to helping those who want to return to their hometown make their dreams a reality.

Come Home to Syracuse is not an employment agency, and they can't guarantee that you will find a job. Their volunteers will do all they can to help you find opportunities and to make connections. You will need to be ready to follow up on their suggestions and advice.

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