Flat Stanley visits B'ville

Betty Humphrey and Flat Stanley are making the rounds.

The Baldwinsville woman has acted as a tour guide to her new, flat friend, who was sent to her via envelope by her great niece Rachel, a first grader at Apex Elementary School in North Carolina.

Flat Stanley is a fictional character from the book, "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown. Rachel's class has been reading about the boy named Stanley who wakes up flat one morning because his bulletin board fell on him during the night. Stanley is able to experience many exciting adventures because he is paper-thin and can travel by envelope all around the world. After he returns from his travels, he shares his adventures with the class.

"The children are learning all about the world through Flat Stanley," Humphrey said, who received Stanley about two weeks ago from her sister, Rachel's grandmother. She said he arrived during an ice storm.

"We were shut in the first couple of days because it was so cold and windy," she said. "I told the class I had to put paper board on him because he would have blown away."

She also dressed Stanley in more appropriate clothes including a scarf, hat and mittens.

"It was too cold for him," she said.

Places the two have visited include the Museum at the Schacksboro Schoolhouse, the Baldwinsville Public Library and to Hillview Baptist Church. Her favorite experience with Flat Stanley has been sharing the history of the Erie Canal.

"I like telling them about the Erie Canal and how it was a dream at first," Humphrey said.

Humphrey said she enjoyed her time with Flat Stanley and will be sending him back to Apex this week with pictures, songs and a bar of Lavender soap from the museum for him to share with the class.

"You can't help but have fun with Stanley," Humphrey said, adding that the project is a great idea. "The children are learning about places in a personal way. It's bringing all the children of the world together."

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