Cheon Ji In

The alumni and current members were and still are the most hardworking elites of the school. Many of them are involved in other school organizations, both academic and social, and some members graduated top in their schools and majors. Not to say all non-poongmulians are not hardworking, but many elite students have claimed that poongmul is their hobby according to a newspaper article in South Korea.

Also, even though it may seem like a simple drumming team where nothing much happens other than banging in drums, there are always things going on that need to be taken care of. By taking responsibilities to teach, to learn, to lead, to reserve rooms for events, to make flyers for advertising and to care for each other, members learn many far greater lessons that cannot be taught in normal classrooms.

"I was interviewed by a company and they asked me what the most significant factor in my college years was. I had to no doubt and did not hesitate to answer that it is Cheon Ji In," by a current senior who is hired by one of the top corporations in the U.S. Also, a last year's graduate said, "When I finally got out of school and entered this completely different society, I was worried but experiences in Cheon Ji In helped me to understand people and to cooperate with them."

This force that unites people and help people to grow up mentally and physically is not really easy to realize. However, everyone in Cheon Ji In is definite and absolute when they are asked about the significance of Cheon Ji In in their lives.

Cheon Ji In's Contributions

As previously mentioned, Cheon Ji In has been active in both school wide and community events. Some of the events include the Home to the Dome, freshmen orientation program, Martin Luther King Jr. Dinner, Korean parade at Manhattan, New Year Celebration for adopted kids in Syracuse, Mayfest, and numerous other school and community events such as church picnic and Asia Night etc. The current conductor and the president of Cheon Ji In say "We want to perform for many people and events as possible but there are so many invitations that we cannot accept all of them. But we really try our best to perform as many times as possible."

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