Cheon Ji In

Inside Cheon Ji In

Walk towards the SU Archbold Gym around 2 p.m. on Saturday. Before you even see the gym building, you will encounter a series of continuing small explosion in your ears. Follow the sound and now you are in the practice room of Cheon Ji In. Everybody is smiling, laughing, and moving their bodies as if they are somewhat possessed. Different race, gender, background, culture, and language do not exist because everybody is in harmony with poongmul and there is no one different.

If you did not know, Syracuse University has been ranked top when it comes to no integration of culture and diversity and this is not hard to realize if you walk around the school campus or visit one of the dining halls. This fact appreciates the value and the importance of Cheon Ji In even more because this is one of the few places where anybody and everybody can come without worries of being different and enjoy and play together.

Popularity among various ethnic and cultural groups is evident in the group itself. Although it is "Korean" drumming, Koreans are the minority in the group and the majority includes Chinese, Malaysians, Indonesians, and Caucasians. Also at the annual performance, the number of non-Korean attendants is far greater than the number of Korean attendants. An implication can be drawn then. Poongmul has the potential to become everybody's common interest and aspiring event that can unite people.

Cheon Ji In Life

Cheon Ji In life can be simply divided into four parts. First, every member come together and practice poongmul on Saturdays for the most of Saturday afternoons. Second, they attend numerous school wide and community events as guest performers. Third, they practice minimum of 10 hours per week and exhaust themselves with poongmul for their annual performance. Lastly, they simply enjoy life and hang out together. People simply enjoy their lives all the time and the fact that they can let out all their stresses and worries to drums enable them to do better academically.

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