Cheon Ji In

SU's Korean Drumming Team's 6th annual performance planned at SU Schine Student Center

Cheon Ji In, Syracuse University's Korean drumming team, is continuing its tradition of annual performance at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 1 in Schine Student Center Goldstein Auditorium. This is its 6th annual performance, which has been the most popular cultural music show on campus.

The tickets are sold at the box office in Schine Student Center, $3 with SU ID and $5 without SU ID. The performance consists of traditional Korean drumming shows and some fusion of modern elements with Korean drumming. This is a great opportunity to experience Korean culture and enjoy a fabulous cultural show with the performers and audience, altogether.

Poongmul? Cheon Ji In?

Poongmul, this is what drives people crazy. Have you ever seen bunch of people's shoulders moving up and down or have you ever almost throw up because your heart starts palpitating violently? It is poongmul that is causing all these incorrigible symptoms.

Poongmul is a Korean word for Korean drumming and it has been getting recognition from all over the world recently. With its breathless, exhilarating and glamorous beats, it is not only attracting fans from neighboring countries of Korea but from international community. The accreditation of such growing popularity goes to Duksoo Kim, the founder of modernized form of poongmul, who has been touring many different countries to perform and to help people, regardless of race, gender, or any category, to enjoy and to harmonize with poongmul.

Syracuse University's Cheon Ji In is set out to follow the steps of Duksoo Kim and fortunately, Syracuse happens to be its base. Cheon Ji In means heaven, earth, and human and this name derives from the mindset of the group's founding members that is to become the people who shake heaven and earth. This Korean drumming team, or poongmul-pae (poongmul=Korean drumming, pae=team), was founded at Syracuse University in 1997 in the name of Shinbaram. However, due to some complications, Shinbaram was changed to the current name Cheon Ji In in 1999. Since then, Cheon Ji In has been actively participating in school wide and Syracuse community events.

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