Minoa: Sweetheart story to celebrate

Ed and Bridget Theobald

"This may sound a little funny, but I first met my wife Bridget at a bachelor party (no, she did not jump out of the cake). It was in May of 1975, and my younger sister Joan was getting married in June of that year. She and Bridget met while at Cobleskill in 1972 their freshman year, along with my now brother-in-law John. Bridget told me that she remembers Joan writing me letters when I was in the Army.

Let me explain the bachelor party. Back in the day, sometimes our idea of a bachelor party was in our neighbor's driveway with a keg of beer, some snacks and just having a good time.

The ladies on the other hand were attending a shower/bachelorette party somewhere else. According to them, if my memory serves me right, they were not having a real good time. We don't like to use the word boring, but you get the idea.

I had left the party for a minute and when I returned there were the ladies. I remember coming around the corner of the house with my brother Fred, and there was Bridget, leaning up against the car. I remember her hair was very long and hung down to her waist (the style of the time) and what can I say, she just caught my attention and the rest is history.

We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this June 10. What I would like to say about Bridget is that she is my strength. She really understands me (and that can be real tricky sometimes) and is my true love. I don't know what I would do without her.

As far as advice to young couples? Well, I don't really like to do that because it is different for everyone. All I can say is that even though it takes work and commitment to be with each other forever, it is all worth it. You have to make sure that you leave enough room to take real time for just the two of you, and remember to have fun along the way.

We have three grown great kids, Colleen (Coast Guard), Mike (LeMoyne grad) and Dan (LeMoyne freshman). They have done a real good job keeping us on our toes. Oh, and yes, even though they were most of the work involved bringing them up, they too are the good memories that we will always have."

Ed and Bridget Theobald have lived in Minoa for 29 years. Ed is a trustee on the Minoa Village Board.

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