Eastern suburbs: Sweetheart stories to celebrate

We have three grown great kids, Colleen (Coast Guard), Mike (LeMoyne grad) and Dan (LeMoyne freshman). They have done a real good job keeping us on our toes. Oh, and yes, even though they were most of the work involved bringing them up, they too are the good memories that we will always have."

Ed and Bridget Theobald have lived in Minoa for 29 years. Ed is a trustee on the Minoa Village Board.

Joe and MaryLou McAllister

"We met in our senior year at East Syracuse-Minoa High School in 1978. MaryLou sat in front of me in English class, and she was quite a distraction to me. We were spoken to on more than one occasion by our teacher for disrupting the class. She was such a flirt!

The pinnacle of our English class shenanigans was the day when I tied her long blond hair to the Venetian blind cords without her knowing it. When she got out of her seat it was quite a show! We never looked back and were engaged to be married just a few years later. I took her to the Glenloch Restaurant for her 20th Birthday and presented her with an engagement ring, for dessert. She accepted my proposal and we were married on April 25, 1981.

Today, after nearly 27 years of marriage, MaryLou is still the center of my universe. She is beautiful and kind and gentle and loving and nurturing. She is a wonderful mother to our children Sarah and Joe Jr., and I would not trade her for anything. She will always be my Valentine!

Joe McAllister is the fire chief for the East Syracuse Fire Department.

Mark and Mary Olson

"My wife Mary and I met on a blind date Oct. 7, 1991. She worked with the wife of the husband that I worked with. The wife thought we would be a perfect match because we had so much in common.

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