J-D says no to turf

"In theory, we could go out and bond it for 15 years, and then right after 10 [years] it's no longer functional," he said. "Oops, we're still paying another five years on it and oops, we don't know how we're going to replace it."

Additionally, Taylor questions the disposal of the turf once it's no good.

"How do you dispose one of these things?" he asked, mentioning recycling and landfills as possible options. "In 10 or 15 years, that's going to be a more and more expensive proposition."

Five years ago, the J-D School District built three additional outdoor grass fields as part of its capital expansion project. The purpose was to take the pressure off some of the other playing fields and provide more flexibility for the sports teams. The board is making a commitment to improve the grass fields so they're in the best condition possible for its student athletes. Taken from the Jan. 28 meeting minutes, the following describes the board consensus regarding athletic improvements:

To schedule early spring practices in locations that will get the athletes off the parking lots as playing surfaces in March;

To improve the processes used to maintain the grass fields to upgrade the playing surface on all high school fields;

To include stadium improvements such as new bleachers and fencing to the five-year facilities plan for potential inclusion in a future capital project.

"I can't say that our boys lacrosse team has been unsuccessful using the conditions and the equipment and the facilities that they've had," Taylor said. "They've had a couple of runs at state championships and that's certainly due to parents and kids and their interests and their abilities. I'm not so sure a field is gonna change that. I hope it doesn't."

F-M referendum next month

Voters will be heading to the polls March 5 to cast their ballot on a turf field stadium at Fayetteville-Manlius High School. The $4.6 million project was first proposed this fall after the board received a petition with 1,000 signatures.

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