Caz: Marvin still battling

Still battling

Marvin continues to find obstacles in quest for truth

By Willie Kiernan

Sure, Cazenovia resident, "Dangerous Dan" Marvin wants his book to be mandatory reading for all officers in the Armed Forces, but what he really wants is for good to triumph over evil.

"I'm for the Armed Forces as much as anyone; I'm just against evil," said Marvin

As a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Special Forces, Marvin had an insider's view into the world where independent operations crossed the line into lawlessness and illegality.

"If you volunteered for a covert operation, all of the Geneva Convention rules and all of the International Law of Land Warfare did not apply," Marvin said. "And if you were caught, you were dropped from the rolls as a deserter."

Marvin wants this practice to end. He has relatives in Iraq and worries about the dangers they might be put in.

"I want the military to accept the truth and discontinue the practice of assassination, terrorism and industrial sabotage," he said.

Marvin wrote a book about his adventures in Vietnam, about some secret missions and about one in particular that went awry when he and his men became the enemy. "Expendable Elite" took four years to write and finally made it to print 120 publishers and 13 years later, published by Trine Day in 2003, after which he was sued by his own men.

"I was momentarily incapable of accepting the fact that my own men had turned on me and had denied the truth of what they themselves had shared with me in An Phu," wrote Marvin in the victory edition of his book, published in 2006. "How could they collaborate with the Special Forces Association in a legal action meant to bankrupt me and take everything from my family?"

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