Superbowl Menu tips/recipes

I may not be an expert party planner or Martha Stewart, but I do know sports. I'm not saying I can rattle off impressive stats about Sunday's big events, but I have hosted my share of Super Bowl parties. I was "hosting" even when I was younger, helping my dad make Chex Mix in the kitchen on Saturday night. In college, I provided all the food for an alcohol-free event when I was a resident assistant on a co-ed floor (people came, took plates and left for their less-than-college-sanctioned parties). The following year, I again provided the food for this same group of students, but in my off-campus apartment and was sure to include alcohol on the menu. I love hosting get-togethers, I love sports, and I love commercials. Super Bowl Sunday is my day.

So, lucky readers, I'm going to share a few tid-bits that I have learned along the way about creating a fabulous Super Bowl menu along with submissions from some area restaurants.

1) When it comes to food, think simple and easy both to eat and to cook. This is not the type of event where guests are going to be focused on the beauty of the display and the hours you spent carving the cheese into a mini-football team. At the same time, there's more to it than opening a bag of Doritos and throwing them in a bowl. Guests will appreciate homemade dips and snacks.

2) Perhaps the most important part about the food is that it's easy to eat and to carry. Setting up a dining room table with turkey and gravy is a waste of time. Even the not-so-hardcore football fans will want to be sitting comfortably on your couch to watch the game, or at least the commercials.

3) People expect traditional food. There probably won't be a huge demand for salads (except taco salads) or cr me brulee. If you don't have some type of chips and dip at your party, a riot is likely to start unless guests know up-front and have approved an alternate menu.

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