Morgan shuffles the deck for another year

Morgan lays out the Tarot cards on her small table at the Enchanted Bazaar, 120 West Jefferson St., Tuesdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Fridays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

"Come for a reading," she says, establishing her range, from spiritual psychic medium to reiki master to henna artist, "and stay for a spell, or a lecture, or a class." For the past two years Morgan has shuffled the deck and laid out readings for City Eagle.

Last week she reflected on her scope of the past year, and shuffled her deck to check out 2009.

"I got that alumni connection right," she said, grinning at having predicted last year that any positive future for SU football would depend on a significant alum involvement. Doug Marrone's moving into the head coaching slot on the Hill would seem to bear out the contention, if, perhaps slightly deferred. Morgan also felt confident that her reading on Destiny USA had been on the mark, if not the money, as the cards had shown that the past year would be one of working out bits and pieces structurally. "They're done with the legalillese," she observed.

When question was raised about Morgan's reading that sometime in 2008 City Eagle would be involved in either a scandal or some court suit, which would significantly boost circulation, she suggested an amendment to last year's assessment.

"Actually it related to not jumping to conclusions," she said. "The point is that the Eagle is flying high now. All the pieces are in place. The recent addition of designated ad salesperson Ben Butler for these pages would seem to back up the claim.

The first layout of cards for 2009 was for the Mayor's race. Morgan did the reading for the two candidates who have officially declared: Bea Gonzalez and Alfonso Davis. Gonzalez drew the Aquarius card, signifier of high hopes. The eight of Swords suggested that her campaign would be tied up with some unanticipated red tape, while the six of swords warned that she should expect the opposition to come at her with bared teeth. Justice Reversed indicated that some trickery by the opposition won't work, but will leave a sour taste in the public's mouth.

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