Chittenango curbs property donation

No one spoke at a public hearing regarding the dedication of streets in the Burning Hollow development to the village.

After the public hearing, the village tackled several agenda items, including the acceptance of the Burning Hollow roads. Among them were the following:

Court consolidation update

"Talked to [Sullivan Supervisor] John Becker last week," said Budget Officer Bob Freunscht. "I'm going to get a hold of him when we can get a meeting scheduled, just like for the sewer treatment plant, to give an overview of the expenses and revenue coming in. He said it would probably be a couple of weeks before he gets back to me."

Gas tax reimbursement will be significant

Last fall, the state eliminated the ability for municipalities to forego paying some taxes on their gasoline when using retail vendors. That decision cost municipalities a princely sum in up-front money, then cost them time and effort in completing the required paperwork -- in triplicate -- to get that money back.

Now, Freunscht said, the state is seeing the error of its ways.

"The gas tax thing gets turned around Dec. 1," Freunscht said, but cautioning there is another problem. "When fuel goes above $5 a gallon, the [pump] records [the entire transaction] as one gallon."

According to Freunscht, the village should have between $7,000 and $10,000 in gas sales tax reimbursement coming after paying the tax for about a year.

"That's a sizable amount," Freunscht said. "Mortgage tax is down 20 percent, but sales tax is pretty good, considering the economy right now."

He said municipalities will know exactly where they stand after the next sales tax revenue distribution from the county.

Snyder property donation ended

Village Department of Public Works Superintendent Ray Snyder said attorney Robert Benson was prepared to complete the paperwork in a proposed donation of property from Snyder to the village.

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