Marcellus parents get lesson in drug abuse

Prevention, however, was and is the main goal for everyone in the audience Monday night.

Look, I'm a preventionist, said Bradley Finn, Executive Director of Prevention Network. What parents need to ask themselves is what are the protective factors they have in place? Does your child have the skills necessary to handle all the stress? What tools do they have to deal with it? What tools do we have to deal with it?

He added, kids today have high levels of anxiety and all kinds of stress put on them X things parents can't even begin to imagine, and many times more than what they, themselves, had as teenager. All the more reason why parents, he said, need to be clear about their position.

One of the main reasons why kids get involved in drugs is that parents have not given them concrete boundaries. You can't imagine how fast kids pick up on your ambivalence, Finn said.

About 100 people attended the information night including school board members and administration. Aside from Clark and Finn, speakers included Beth Hurny, Director of Youth and Parenting Services; James Cataldo, owner/pharmacist of Marcellus Pharmacy; Katie Battaglia, Senior High School guidance counselor; Brad Dates, athletic director; and Craig Tice, Marcellus school superintendent.

For more information, contact the superintendent's office at 673-0201 or log onto SyracuseDrugFree.com, freevibe.com and theantidrug.com.

Ways to properly dispose of prescription drugs as per Cataldo:

' ž Do NOT flush down the toilet.

' ž Most prescriptions should be removed from their container and mixed with water (to dissolve) and then mixed with undesirable things like kitty litter or coffee grounds--something that will make it unrecognizable, bagged (or contained in something else) and thrown out with the household trash. All labels should be removed from prescription bottles and thrown out separately. Expired prescriptions should be disposed of as well.

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