Oneida Teachers Association declares impasse

The following memo was sent to all teachers and staff of the Oneida City School District Wednesday.

MEMO TO:All Oneida Teachers and School Nurses

We just completed an extended meeting with the OTA bargaining committee; unfortunately, despite the good faith efforts of both parties to reach an agreement, we were unable to do so. The OTA declared an impasse to the bargaining process and we agreed to join with them in making a joint declaration to the New York Public Employment Relations Board (PERB).

As a result of the declaration of impasse, negotiations are likely to be put on hold until the appointment of a mediator. During that period it is both parties' obligation to maintain in full force and effect all provisions of the current contract. All duties traditionally within a teacher's responsibility must be continued. This includes coaching duties, co-curricular activities and all other traditional teaching duties. The District must, and will, continue to fulfill its obligations under the contract. Teachers eligible for step movement, a new local service increment, new graduate hours or payment for an advanced degree will receive such change effective in the September 12th paycheck. Health, and all other insurance benefits, will continue at the level set forth in the contract.

The current situation is a common situation in school districts, and we are hopeful that we will be able to reach a mutually agreed upon contract with the OTA.

We are confident that all staff members will fulfill all their responsibilities in the professional manner that you have always exhibited.

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