Madison County DA: Three vie for seat

Three local attorneys want the job of district attorney this fall. That's good for Madison County voters who have seen their share of uncontested races in many recent elections. The trio - Jeff Aumell and Peter Finocchiaro of Canastota and Cazenovia's William Gabor - took the time to answer questions for Eagle Newspapers.

Aumell, the Democratic choice, is acting district attorney, appointed after former District Attorney Donald Cerio was appointed to a judgeship. Republican candidates Finocchiaro and Gabor sought the Republicans' backing and will face-off in a primary Sept. 9. Despite the primary, all three candidates will appear on the ballot Nov. 4, as Gabor has secured the endorsement of the Madison County Independence Party and Finocchiaro was top choice of Madison County's Conservatives.

It is our intent to help readers get to know the candidates before heading out to the polls for either the September primary or November general election.

What we asked

What would you do differently from the current DA and the former DA?

What priorities would you set for the office?

Taking into consideration your top priority (cited above) how would you bring it to bear?

Would you advocate a consolidation of police services?

As a prosecutor, which crimes do you think you are most qualified to prosecute? Say there's a murder case, would you prosecute or defer to subordinate?

What is the budget for the DA's office? Do you think the budget for this office is adequate?

What changes would you advocate in the current criminal justice system?

What do you see as the single largest law enforcement issue in Madison County?

Why did you get into law?

Why do you want the DA job?

What is your leadership philosophy?

Is there anything you think could have been done differently in the Truman father/son arson prosecution?

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