A champion feels the love

"On behalf of the young, congratulations for your success," Henderson said. "Thanks for the help you've given us; and we hope our dreams also come true."

Magee made mention of the annual Sporthorse Invitational soon to take place in Syracuse, an initiative made possible by Beezie Madden and her husband John.

"I agree with what everyone said and I have fantastic notes that I can't use because it was said already," said Cazenovia College President Dr. Mark Tierno. "Beezie is a role model, but not just for the youth, but also for us older people."

The reception

The reception planning fell into the hands of Caz resident and ex-pilot Bob Rose who thought he had a week or two to plan, but it turned into a three-day whirlwind when he found out Madden would be traveling again soon.

"The good thing about it was, I only had to stress out for three days instead of a week or two," Rose said.

What Rose found out in a short amount of time was that he belongs to a community that has the resources to make a spur of the moment event happen

"If you would've put a committee together to spend two months on this it wouldn't come out any smoother," said photographer Gene Gissin.

Rose contacted the chamber, the college, the paper and Gissin to take pictures. Gissin got the fire department to bring down the hook and ladder to hold the American flag. The American Legion supplied other flags at the park. The college ran off hundreds of 8 x 10 photos for Madden to sign. Project Caf (c) supplied the stage. The Cazenovia Republican supplied sound and the dignitaries supplied the words. The weather and the audience provided the rest.

"It's amazing what this community can pull off," said Gissin. "But it's not considered anything out of the ordinary; it's almost expected."

Madden signed pictures and posed with fans into the night until there was no one left standing. She was gracious, humble, appreciative and overwhelmingly worthy of the community's adoration, a community that hardly knows her.

"I thank you all; you've given me a great reception," Madden said. "It's fantastic that you're all here."

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