Wise Guys Comedy Club is back on the block and thriving

Another long time Syracuse friend, and Wheeler's sister, Barbara Braun, joined the two men in their Wise Guy venture into Franklin Square. She works hands on in the operation.

Bruno said he is thrilled with his partners and their working relationship.

But who is this Bruno?

Would you say he has entertainment in his blood; that he actually acts as the master of ceremonies each evening to open for his nationally recognized comics; is he a committed father; is he an entrepreneur? Yes, yes, yes and more yes, but all this is obvious. What you may not know is that in 1979 he made his own stand-up debut at the University of Pittsburgh's Club Portfolio. The first thing he did was recite a George Carlin album.

How did it go?

"It went over like a lead balloon," he said.

Yet all kidding aside, Bruno has gone on to make comedy his life's vocation. What you also may not know is that Bruno was once "Scooch."

Scooch? Scooch, he is the Syracuse Chief's mascot. Scooch is a derivation of Schoochamenti, or "the pest" or "mischievous one" in Italian.

Bruno had worked as a professional mascot in his other hometown of Pittsburgh. It's on his resume. But Scooch was his dream character being a first generation Italian American - Bruno, not Scooch.

Why? Bruno loves the art form of the mascot and understands the larger purpose of really connecting with the fans in this guise. He actually had to give it up because of a health issue. He became hypoglycemic and passed out alone, waking up terribly disoriented and in costume.

He hinted he may be Scooch again when he said, "That character is me; I long to be Scooch."

Bang for your buck at Bruno and Dave and Barb's club

With all the talk of getting more bang for your buck, Bruno said Wise Guys is the place to be for this type of special delivery on the entertainment front in Syracuse. It's a comedy club; it's a lunch spot; it's a tavern; it's dining al fresco; it's a dinner date or a place to celebrate a special occasion.

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