Wise Guys Comedy Club is back on the block and thriving

It's no secret Bruno Schirrippa is back in Syracuse operating Wise Guy Comedy Club on the corner of Plum and Franklin Streets.

County Executive Joanie Mahoney and her husband Mark made it a point to visit opening week last fall.

"My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a show at Wise Guys during opening week and had a great time. We are fortunate to have Bruno back with us, bringing his special formula of magic and humor," Mahoney said. "I wish him great success and know the new Franklin Square Wise Guys will be a hit."

It's almost too good to be true that Charlie Roman's great nightspot was reinvigorated by Bruno, who opened a full- service operation: lunch, dinner, comedy, magic and hospitality all rolled into one location. The idea of taking a property that has so much history of high spiritedness and continuing was a good one.

"My return to comedy after seven years was prompted by a lunch date with long time friend Dave Wheeler," Bruno said, "Dave worked his way through college at the original Wise Guys as a utility guy. Now, he is the comptroller for Hilton Doubletree on Carrier Circle."

Bruno returned to Syracuse in January of 2006 when the mother of his two sons, Marco, 18, and Jason, 24, was taken by cancer.

"My plan was to return to my hometown of Pittsburgh after Marco went off to college and that would be home base," he said. "Dave Wheeler suggested that we reopen Wise Guys and I stay in Syracuse. I rejected the offer citing that I was seven years out of the business and ready to go back home. He responded with, 'Who's to say you aren't already home?' I told him that I needed to sleep on it. That evening having dinner with my son (Marco), out of nowhere he said, 'Dad, you know what would be really cool? If you would open Wise Guys again and we could stay here and I could see my friends on breaks from school. I could even work at the club because I am 18 now.' I am not one to ignore a sign like this, so I called Dave and made the commitment."

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