Vienna town employees overpaid

In September 2004 Town of Vienna highway employees were given a seventy-five cent raise instead of the twenty-five cent raise authorized by the teamsters union contract and the Town.

On Wednesday Aug. 6 at the regular town meeting the board went into Executive Session concerning the employment issue. A short time later, the meeting resumed and the results of the Executive Session were revealed. "Last month a discrepancy was found in the highway department payroll. We rectified the payroll with the Teamsters as soon as we found there were errors." Supervisor NicolBaker said.

The overage paid to the two employees since January 2008 will be collected over the period of the next six months.

Councilman Richard Collins objected saying he felt that since it was the tax payer's money it should all be paid back.

"The other four years we just Oley, Oley Oxen Free?" asked constituent Mike Dixon.

"There are a lot of things in the last four years that I am trying to get control of Mike," Baker said. "I agree, but I have to focus on the time since I took office to date."

"There is a principal of law known as the Laches and there are statutes of limitations " Attorney Gerald Taylor said. He went on to explain that it was a very involved situation and they had to take into consideration that this did not appear to be a case of fraud, but instead a clerical mistake. "In fact the mistake was brought to the attention of the Town by one of the employees involved. Could you go back to September 2004 without a legal challenge? Very unlikely. Do you want to get into a potential court battle? The question is what do you do when you're trying to heal your community; you move forward." Taylor said.

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