Boards in brief: Van Buren approves revised codes

After a month of considerations, the Van Buren board has approved amendments to chapter 200 of local law 9 codes.

During a public hearing held July 1, several residents questioned proposed changes and suggested alternative solutions. The committee handling the changes went back to the drawing board, incorporated suggestions and made some modifications.

"We did take into account quite a bit of what they said that night," said Mary Frances Sabin, a member of both the board and committee.

The approved revisions were made in an effort to maintain residents' high quality of life. Those changes include the following:

No more than one vehicle may be for sale on any residential premise at one time;

No more than three vehicles may be offered for sale in a 12-month period;

Trucks and vans including semis, tractors, cube trucks and dump trucks can not be parked in front, rear or side yards of residential properties;

Junk vehicles may not be stored out front in residential districts unless being stripped for parts (then they must be removed within 30 days);

Storage of recreational vehicles such as campers, watercrafts, trailers and snow mobiles, in excess of 12 feet in length, may be stored on owners property in a residential district provided that the vehicle is stored in the driveway or alongside the main structure behind the front of the building line. In addition, the recreational vehicle cannot be used as living quarters, obstruct any public right of way or prevent access to property for fire or emergency services. This code does not apply to storage in zoning districts R-40 and AR-80.

"People aren't back here tonight, so they must be satisfied," said Van Buren Supervisor Claude Sykes about the lack of public comment during the hearing.

For a complete list of codes, visit the Van Buren web site at townofvanburen.com or stop by the town hall on the corner of Van Buren and Ellsworth roads.

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