Elbridge property disputed

The sale of the Gorham Manor property on Meadow Lane continues to move forward after the board accepted bids for its sale at last Monday's village board meeting.

Last week, the two parcels of land known as Lots 9 and 10 were awarded to Helen Toia, represented by Jane Mostow of Caldwell Banker Elbridge, and Jackie Ingerson, an Elbridge resident, after a great amount of debate.

This week, Mayor Henry Doerr said the village attorney is drawing up the papers.

"You can tell you've made a good decision when nobody's happy, and I think that was the situation," Doerr joked, referring to the dissonance at the board meeting.

Debate resounded during the meeting regarding how much the board should ask for the property, which had originally been assessed by Mostow to have a value as a whole piece for over $30,000. As two parcels, the board expected to receive more than what they did for the bids, particularly given the property's location close to the village center. "I'm personally surprised you didn't get any more offers," Mostow said.

Toia, who was being represented by Mostow, lowered her bid to $20,000 from $30,000. "She has to put a house on the property she felt that she was getting in more than she was comfortable being at age 77," Mostow said in explanation.

At the same time, board attorney Harry Armani was concerned about the amount of money the village could receive for the parcel, as it was to be divided into two plots. "We have a duty to try and maximize the money," he said.

Elbridge resident Ingerson was unhappy with the board's attempts to up the price. This was not the first board meeting she had attended or the first time she had bid. "I felt like last time you used me as a person to go fishing with, because everyone knew what my bid was," she said. "I did feel really kind of misused." She then asked the board to make a decision that evening.

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