Sweetland on Iraq's $79 billion surplus

Dale Sweetland, candidate for Congress in the 25th Congressional District of New York, today released a statement regarding the U.S. Government Accountability Office's (GAO) report "Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq" (GAO-08-1031):

"This report makes it clear that the Iraqi government is not holding up its end of the deal with the United States. Our tax dollars are paying nearly $50 billion for building infrastructure, ensuring that water and electricity are available throughout their country, and we're even helping to rebuild their oil industry. Now we find out that the Iraqi government is sitting on a $79 billion surplus that is the result of oil profits." Sweetland said. "This is just wrong. The Nancy Pelosi 'watchdogs' have failed the American Public once again."

"The President said 'as they stand up, we stand down' and based on the surplus that the Iraqi government is now experiencing, I would say they are more than capable of meeting us halfway 'if not all the way' on the investments we've made in infrastructure, electricity and water improvements." Sweetland added. "It is time for Iraq to take some responsibility in their rebuilding process."

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