Sweetland reacts to the possible NPG closing

Dale Sweetland, candidate for Congress in New York's 25th Congressional District, today reacted to the announcement that the owners of New Process Gear (NPG) may "Here we are again, standing outside of NPG, talking about how gas prices are costing us jobs here in Upstate New York. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi and the "do nothing" Congress have failed to address the issue of the energy crisis," Sweetland said. "two thousand people could be jobless, but the Democratic leadership will not even open the floor of the House to a debate about energy policy. So far my opponent has stood shoulder to shoulder with Nancy Pelosi and his mentor Charlie Rangel who supported his campaign with hundreds of thousands of dollars, instead of standing with the hard working people of Central and Western New York."

Today, the Syracuse Post Standard reported that NPG owners were considering shutting down its DeWitt plant due to falling demand for its transmission parts. The plant employs 2,050 people who make parts for the transmissions of trucks and SUV's. The owners of NPG blamed high gas prices as the cause for the plummeting sales of SUV's and trucks.

"My opponent will blame this on 'trade policy', but ask the workers here at NPG why they're losing their jobs and they'll tell you; gas prices."

For months now I have been saying that this gas crisis will have a ripple effect throughout the local economy that we will feel for years. The longer Congress waits playing political games, the more jobs we'll lose," Sweetland added. "The time for playing partisanship is over! Congress has an obligation to take action now. We need to drill, we need to explore alternatives, we need to cut taxes, we need to conserve, and we need to release third of the strategic reserves to drive down the price at the pump. There is no silver bullet for this problem, but inaction is crippling our local economy."

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