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The Rag and Bone Shop delivers a great night out to the true listener:

Time is what we make of it. And in the 21st century, humans so desperately need to understand quickly. Sort and categorize. Ask any musician today what it is they do, and if they can't fit into a recognizable genre in five seconds or less, they aren't going to sell very well.

This is where the Rag and Bone Shop doesn't come to play. Two guys named Carl and Karl with two guitars and a bag of musical tricks are really having fun with the art form known as music. Karl Sperber (of Jamesville), a psychologist, photographer, percussionist, flutist, vocalist, guitarist and sound designer -- has hooked up with Carl Lovell (of Liverpool), a wondrous guitarist, as well as guitar teacher. The two men are The Rag-and-Bone Shop.

From Sperber's web site: Carl Lovell and Karl Sperber perform fresh music, with jazz and world-music influences, presented in original arrangements and performed on acoustic and electric guitars, flutes, saxophones, percussion and vocals. Their music ranges from soothing an contemplative, to passionate, to playful; Music by composers as diverse as Paul Simon, Miles Davis, Sting, and Pat Metheney. The result is a repertoire that is varied in mood, texture and impact. -- karlsperber.net/music.html.

At a recent performance at the Creekside Books and Coffee in Skaneateles, add Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison to The Rag and Bone Shop's songwriters they interpret list. As great a song as Morrison's "Moon Dance" is, it is also pretty stale. This isn't the case with The Rag and Bone Shop's interpretation. The two men have an ability to break a song down and arrange it so it is at the same time fresh and familiar. Songs you may have heard a hundred times before, become new again. It's like falling in love all over again, with a first love. There is a new understanding, but also the familiar.

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